JAPF participated in the Festivities held on Occasion of the Inauguration of Ambassador in Charge of Kansai.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2019 a reception was held to greet the newly-appointed ambassador in Charge of Kansai, Mr. Jota Yamamoto.  The reception took place at Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka and was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Osaka Liaison Office. Many representatives from the local consulates, international organizations and local businesses participated.

First, the former ambassador in Charge of Kansai Mr. Ishikawa greeted the assembled people and thanked them for their support during his time at the office.
Next, it was Mr. Yamamoto‘s turn to introduce himself.
Finally, Dean of the Kansai Consular Corps and Consul-General of Panama Mr. Aparicio, presented the former Ambassador Mr. Ishikawa with a letter of appreciation and proposed the toast.

After the speeches the participants used the remaining time of the event to exchange business cards and mingle.

We at JAPF, keep up our work towards the globalization and international exchange not only of Kansai, but also of the whole of Japan.

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