At May 30, 2016 International Manager Daniela Lemmermann held a speech at the Rotary Club Kobe Higashinada at the Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel.
Since its founding JAPF is actively promoting international education in Japan and has increased its activities towards the globalization of Japans business world especially since the founding of the international department in 2015. A part of the activities of the international department are seminars and lectures in Japanese companies and enterprises about foreign languages and their use in business and foreign business manners.

Based on this experience, Lemmermann told the assembled members, who are representatives of various different business branches, about Europe with a special focus on her home country Germany. In Japan it is often said that Japanese and German are very alike, but still there are still very few business connections between Japan and Germany, which is why it is important to get to know more about each other.

In a 30-minute presentation, Lemmermann introduced the slightly strange image Germans have about the Japanese, and talked about the small differences between the values and customs of the two countries.
Through activities like this, the Japan Asia Promotion Foundation strives to promote better (business) connections and cooperation between japan and overseas countries. This is why we will keep on doing projects like this.